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"A Foie Pas?" is a one-hour documentary about foie gras—its history, tradition, and future—as well as the controversy surrounding it.

Shot in France, the United States, and Hungary, the film speaks with a range of people with a vested interested in foie gras—including prominent chefs, producers, activists, historians, journalists, philosophers, and diners.

Throughout the film, we challenge viewers to form their own view on foie gras and the growing debate (particularly in the United States) over whether it is humane or not. Moreover, the film asks larger questions about animal welfare—questions that many of us often ask about other animals that we raise for food and eat, including “How do we determine if an animal-raising practice is humane?"; "Do animals have rights?"; and "At what point can and should the government regulate or restrict what we eat?"

The goal of the film is to examine these questions in an even-handed, thoughtful way. It is our hope that "A Foie Pas?" will challenge viewers to look at what we eat with fresh eyes, and that the film will broaden and inform their understanding of foie gras and its place in our respective cultures.